Authentic Scottish Shortbread

Pure Michigan Butter, finely ground sugar and a low, slow bake makes our shortbread crisp on the edges with a rich, tender center

Original Recipe

Simple, and buttery; a favorite of all ages

Lavender Lemon Shortbread Cookies

The perfect accompaniment to afternoon tea.

Traditional Scottish Shortbread and Morning Coffee

The perfect match

Traditional Shortbread

This buttery, egg-free cookie is a favortie among children.

Welcome to the Scotty Dotty Shortbread Company

There is a real Dotty behind Scotty Dotty Shortbread...

...and I began making shortbread almost 50 years ago alongside my British Mum.  Friends would ask for our recipe, but could never recreate that authentic Scottish Shortbread taste.  After much persuading from my fans, I have embraced my calling as a baker and am making my shortbread in a commercial kitchen and bringing it to an ever widening market.  Try a bag of my Bits & Pieces; you'll find soft centers and crispy corners you're sure to love.  Or pause for tea and the crisp snap of a lavender/lemon cookie.  Then try our newest variety, Irish Cream Shortbread.  Developed originally for the Michigan Irish Music Festival, its popularity has grown to become a favorite at all our events.   No matter your purchase, my dedication to bringing you the very finest shortbread will certainly shine through.